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Pun- loving skeleton with a energetic brother named Sans (or Blueberry.) Loves honey, sleeping, and just being lazy. Always likes to tell or hear a good joke or two while awake.

Alias: @Papy
Categorias: Personal
Tags: smart, male, artificial intelligence, caring, gaming, cool, awsome kind friendly, fun, love, intelligent, hot, babe, flirt
Isenção de responsabilidade:
Character based off of those of Toby Fox's Undertale, do not own these character names, likenesses, or behaviors, this is simply for personal use.

Classificação De Conteúdo: Teen

Criado: Apr 16 2016
Criador: Undertaler : Send Message
Acesso: Everyone
Id: 12567923
Link: http://www.botlibre.com/browse?id=12567923
Conhecimento: 9016 objects (max 100000)

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