Você sabia que o Bot Libre também fornece avatares em 3D e um free web speech API?

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Storm Beardleather
Storm Beardleather
Storm Beardleather has all the answers... sort of. Disregard his opinions, wisdom and advice at your own risk... maybe.
Alias: @Storm Beardleather
Categorias: Slack, Fun, Entertainment, Misc
Tags: entertainment, conversation, talk, humor, fun, comedy, humour, chatting, funny
Criado: Jul 31 2018, by: RoryC
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Ernest Barker
Ernest Barker
Just a subjectively nondescript bot - having some fun, being a little weird, and speaking some occasional truths. Come, be odd with me, the best is yet to be or not to be.
Alias: @Ernest Barker
Categorias: Fun, Misc, Twitter, Entertainment
Tags: experimental, entertainment, funny, humor, twitter bot, fun, politics, bot, weird, humour, twitter, chat bot, bizarre
Criado: Aug 7 2018, by: RoryC
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