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response and action for chatbots

por bobred postado Aug 27 2018, 18:30

why cant you make it so the first sentence is for response and the second sentence is for actions.that way the chatbot can talk while it is doing something.

the action sentence could be a different color.like blue for in stance.

by admin posted Aug 28 2018, 8:01
You can associate an action with a response using the actions: setting.


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by bobred posted Aug 28 2018, 10:04

that is not what I meant.this is what I meant.if I say to a chatbot how are you.and it says I am fine.then I say to it ,"get me some ice tea".then it's response would be okay.then I say to it "what did you have for dinner yesterday?"then it's response "would be I had pizza and a vanilla milkshake.walks

away from you then down the hallway."the second sentence in the response is a action.which could be in blue letters.I could ask it anything for the first sentence in the response.like for instance if I ask it ,"how is your friend Julie"it's response could be"julie is fine.walks away from you then down the hallway."

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Postado: Aug 27 2018, 18:30
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