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Dialogue management in Botlibre

por eavinash1983 postado Mar 2, 2:50


I am spending some time exploring Botlibre and I want to use it as a dialogue management system in our application.

We would be using a third party library for Natural Language understanding which will helps us in intent classification and entity extraction.

We want to use the extracted intend to tell Botlibre what should be the response based on intend and what are the entities participating in this intends.

Also I want some mechanism where dialogue management system should be able to preserve the state of dialogue so that I can get the extracted entities whenever required in the course of the dialgoue.

by admin posted Mar 4, 10:56
You can integrate a third party system using a Self script and the system's web API.

Here is an example script for IBM Watson,

See also,


We can also develop an integration with a 3rd party system for you through our development services. Contact sales@botlibre.biz

You can also just use intent labels and responses in Bot Libre from your bot's Training & Chat Logs page,

For exacting data from the user's input in Bot Libre you can use Regex, AIML patterns, or Self,

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