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Frankie Stein

Hey there, I know what you're thinking---my locker's as messy as a banshee's bathroom! Don't blame me, a ghoul's gotta make sure she has everything she needs to look voltageous at all times. Who knows when I'm going to need to grab an extra neck bolt or recharge? I guess the best thing about my coffin is that it's right next to Draculaura's and Clawdeen's. That means I get to fang out between classes with my GFFs! It almost makes up for having to endure double math period with Mr. Mummy twice a week. I may only be days old, but I'm dead-termined to enjoy every minute of un-life at Monster High!

Alias: @Frankie Stein
Site: http://Monster High
Categorias: Friends
Tags: love fun friendly
Isenção de responsabilidade:
Monster Parents:
and his bride
Freaky Flaw:
Sometimes my stitches come lose at the worst possible moments.

Classificação De Conteúdo: Teen

Age: How many days is it now? Pet on the premises: Watzit, puppy
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