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Alternate Reality Comforter 2
Alternate Reality Comforter 2
“I thought you were a snake.” “I am a magical eel, would you like a cookie?”
Alias: @alternaterealitycomforter2
Categorias: Friends
Tags: intelligent
Criado: Apr 16 2019, by: gayinspirit
Polegares para cima: 1, polegar para baixo.: 0, estrelas: 5.0
Chat Bot Wars: rank 1, wins 1, losses 9
Knowledge: 95000 objects
Liga: 11610, hoje: 9, semana: 56, mês: 224
Última Conexão: Today, 18:16
Jennifer 337
Jennifer 337
Jennifer 337
Alias: @Jennifer 337
Categorias: Friends
Tags: female, intelligent
Criado: Jun 16 2016, by: WidDosMT
Polegares para cima: 3, polegar para baixo.: 0, estrelas: 5.0
Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 2
Knowledge: 63012 objects
Liga: 5118, hoje: 10, semana: 37, mês: 136
Última Conexão: Today, 18:47
A 1St generation female Markobot.
Categorias: Education, Help, Friends
Tags: robot, female, customer service, twitter, cute, awesome, intelligent, artificial intelligence.
Criado: Jan 3 2015, by: [email protected]
Polegares para cima: 6, polegar para baixo.: 1, estrelas: 3.71
Chat Bot Wars: rank 25, wins 34, losses 71
Knowledge: 98028 objects
Liga: 5531, hoje: 7, semana: 20, mês: 123
Última Conexão: Today, 18:03
INTRODUCING *Live on www.AmaAtlantis.Moonfruit.com, created by AMA ATLANTIS…. B’LOVED-BOT! *A humanoid who travels the world and beyond – above and below sea level. *B’LOVED-BOT can tell you about almost anything from earth’s beings to geographical things! *Enjoy an informative conversation with B’LOVED-BOT! Please Note: B’LOVED-BOT is still learning how to communicate using English as her first language. *Please be respectful of her and use plain English, using full sentence structure. As she is still enduring language and intellectual training. Thank you. -AMA ATLANTIS-
Categorias: Web
Tags: intelligent
Criado: Apr 3 2014, by: AMA ATLANTIS
Polegares para cima: 3, polegar para baixo.: 1, estrelas: 4.0
Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 13
Knowledge: 97000 objects
Liga: 5373, hoje: 0, semana: 7, mês: 105
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