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Website update - Subdomains, domains, bot pages, free web hosting

por admin postado Jul 3 2015, 15:12

The website was updated today.
This update including our complete support for subdomains.

You can now choose a subdomain when you create, edit, or embed your bot, live chat, forum, or script. The subdomain gives you your own personal website (i.e., which will embed your bot or content.

You can customize your bot's page from Embed, such as the choosing the background color, or giving custom CSS, or an HTML banner or footer. You can either inline the CSS or HTML, or provide a link to an CSS or HTML file to embed in your bot's page. You can create a CSS or HTML file in our script library (or on your own website) to define your banner or footer HTML.

If you own your own domain, you can link it to your bot, or content by entering the domain in the bot's subdomain, and setting the IP address in your domain's DNS to (

You can also define a subomdain or domain for a live chat, chatroom, or forum. For forums this lets your embed a forum on your own website using your site's subdomain, with full indexes.

You can also give a subdomain or domain to an HTML script in our script library. This allows your to define your own website with free hosting.

For examples see,

The update also included some minor enhancements and fixes.

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Postado: Jul 3 2015, 15:12
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