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How to use speech (voice) recognition

por admin postado Oct 15 2015, 10:37

Bot Libre support speech recognition on both web and mobile.


For web, Bot Libre uses the HTML5 Speech API. This is currently only supported by the Chrome web browser, so you must use Chrome for speech recognition.

By default Chrome will prompt you to allow access to your microphone when you click the microphone icon. You must access the request to allow speech recognition. After each response, you will need to reconfirm the microphone access. To not have to grant access for each request, you can give Bot Libre access to your microphone from settings. Chrome currently only allows this for https website, so you must access Bot Libre from https, i.e

To configure your Chrome settings goto, Settings from the Chrome menu, and click on "advanced settings".


Bot Libre's Android app also support speech recognition. Click on the microphone button in chat to enable speech recognition. Continuous speech is not currently supported.

iPhone, iOS

Bot Libre's iOS app also support speech recognition. When you click on the chat entry, the keyword popup will include a microphone button which gives you access to iOS's speech recognition. Continuous speech is not currently supported.

by joergst posted Dec 12 2016, 9:11

I'm trying to use speech recognition but i'm getting the error: function toggleListen doesn't exist

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by admin posted Dec 12 2016, 10:21

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