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Tweet Structure

por botlarossa postado Dec 18 2015, 7:05

Can I use AIML/Self to build a tweet template where my bot will combine snippets of the tweets from the people it follows?

by admin posted Dec 18 2015, 7:58
Self has access to your bot's entire knowledge base, so anything is possible.

If you have "Read friends status updates" on it your bot's Twitter properties, it will processing your friends status updates that match any of its keywords. A processed tweet will go through each of your bot's Self scripts.

You could add a Self script that parses the :input :sentence #word relationship and builds a new #sentence object. You could then add this new sentence as an autotweet, or as a #response to another sentence.

It will not be simple, but is possible.

To add an autotweet in Self, add a #autotweets relationship to the #org.botlibre.sense.twitter.Twitter primitive,
associate #org.botlibre.sense.twitter.Twitter to :newTweet by #autotweets

Also be careful you do not violate any of Twitter's automation rules.

Good luck

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by botlarossa posted Dec 18 2015, 8:55
Thank you! Alas my programming skills are quite limited. I'm curious, if I upgraded to the $50/year plan would you help me construct such a template to paste into my "autotweet" section?

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by admin posted Dec 18 2015, 15:25
Yes, with our Platinum service we can help you build your bot including custom scripts.
If the bot is exclusively a twitterbot I would recommend you create it on our Twitter server
Platinum bots on the Twitter server will check their status every 10+ minutes, vs 20+ minutes on the main server.
Either way we can port your account and bot to either server.

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