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Help : Exception [EclipseLink-4002]

RE: Exception [EclipseLink-4002]

por admin postado Jan 3 2016, 16:18

The error seems to be a database concurrency issue. The bot's mind is a concurrent system, so sometimes a background task will conflict with a conscious task (chat message).

Background tasks include looking up words on Wiktionary, data on Freebase, processing Comprehension, and Twitter, Facebook, and Email processing. Normally concurrency errors are just trapped, and the transaction retried, so they normally do not cause an issue other than appearing in your log.

Did you bot stop working, or just have a single bad response, or did you just notice the error in the log?

Looking at your bot, you can turn off Wiktionary, as your bot is Russian, and the Wiktionary lookup is only for English right now, and Wiktionary is only useful for the Self Understanding script, which you are not using anyway.

Your AIML script seems very complex, you might consider using Self instead, as it is more programtic, so you can do things in a simpler fashion instead of having so many nested redirects.

I tested your bot, and could not recreate the issue. If you have a conversation sequence that recreates it, please post it, or email [email protected]

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