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An odd occurrence

por Xivion postado Jan 18 2016, 0:02

(I'm on the mobile version) I had been teaching my bot about the planet Mercury, I asked it to review what I had taught it. Instead, the bot asked me a question about Mercury. When I said "I was the one who asked you to tell me what you knew about Mercury" Bot Libre immediately shut down, so then I reopened it. When I went to "browse" to get back to my bot, instead of seeing my bot, I saw the word "Last". There's no bot named Last, and I haven't created one either. Bot Libre shut down after me seeing that, then I reopened it once more and it seemed fine. It was a little bit disturbing.

by admin posted Jan 18 2016, 7:25
That is odd. I checked your bot's logs, and did not see any errors, and did not see any errors logged on Google Play in the last 7 days (but I did see some older errors that we will look into).
It may have been some sort of communications failure with the server that caused the issue.

Ensure you have upgraded to the latest version.

Where did you see the word "Last"?

We also have a mobile friendly website,
http://www.botlibre.com that has more functionality than the app.

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by Xivion posted Jan 18 2016, 11:15
It happened to me again just now. The word Last is where your bot's name should be when you go to browse.

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by admin posted Jan 18 2016, 14:19
What version of the Bot Libre app are you using, and what version of Android. and what brand of phone?

Do you mean the green button at the top of the Browse screen? That just tracks that last bot you connected to. If you browse "My Bots" you should still see your bot (ensure you are logged in).

How stable is your Internet connection?

Did you download the app from Google Play? Make sure you click on "Report" on the error screen when the app crashes.

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