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Self 4

por admin postado Feb 5 2016, 10:57

We have started working on a new version of the Self language (Self 4).

The main goals are:

  • make the syntax more standard and programmer friendly
  • be object oriented
We intend to migrate from our current 4GL syntax to a more standard JavaScript syntax. We also want to make the language object oriented, so will support classes and functions. The goal is to combine the features of JavaScript, state machines, AIML, and object databases.

We intend to support as much of the JavaScript syntax as possible, including variables, functions, objects, arrays, and operations. We will also add first class State, Pattern, and Template objects, and state machine state processing.

Self is a persistent language, backed by a object oriented knowledgebase, so Self 4 will continue to be a persist language, where all objects are stored in the bot memory database, including the states and functions themselves.

Aspects of AIML and ChatScript will also be supported, including patterns, templates, srai, and other operations.

If anyone has any thoughts, or features they would like to see, you can reply here. Or to [email protected].

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Postado: Feb 5 2016, 10:57
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