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Making my bot an android application

por Rogues postado Feb 10 2016, 5:46

Is there a way to build a bot and host the database entirely on android as a standalone application? I'd like to build a specific bot database for offline use...Is that possible and can you offer any advice how I can go about doing it?

by admin posted Feb 10 2016, 7:18
Our AI engine is written in Java, so it should be possible to run on Android, but we have not ported or tested it on Android as of yet.

The main issue will be porting the database usage, as Bot Libre currently uses Postgres through JDBC from JPA, and none of these work on Android. Android supports SQLLite, so the database layer would need to be ported to SQLLite.

There is also an old XMLMemory implementation in the AI engine that we use to use that just stores to an XML file, this could also be a solution for a small bot.

So possible, but a lot of work. This is something we would like to support at some point, but we have not started working on it yet. If you are interested in giving it a shot please join the development team on GitHub and we can provide you any help you need.

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by Rogues posted Feb 10 2016, 8:04

Im new to github...My apologies but I don't see how to join the team...Only follow, star etc.

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by admin posted Feb 10 2016, 8:57
Just email your GitHub ID to [email protected]

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