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New HD 3D Animated Avatars

por admin postado Sep 29 2016, 15:46

We have recently added many new HD 3D animated avatars to our avatar library.

Some new additions include, Annelies (African beauty), Doll (cute animated doll), Flipper (the dolphin), Eddie Tech (techie), Android, Victoria, Olympia, and many more.

All of the avatars are free to use through our JavaScript SDK, and can be embed on your own website with our text to speech, or connected to your bot. You can connect your bot to our avatars and speech, even if your bot is not hosted on Bot Libre.

If you would like a custom designed avatar for your bot or business, we can custom design you any 3D animated avatar available from Daz3D as part of our Platinum service.

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Postado: Sep 29 2016, 15:46
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