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Help : how does it works to train the bot and how can i do this

RE: how does it works to train the bot and how can i do this

por admin postado Mar 12 2014, 10:24

There is some info here,

and various articles on the blog,

also, there is an FAQ forum, that is being slowly expanded,

I will try to add a training how to post.

Flagging a word or phrase should only be used to flag offensive phrases. i.e. profanity, etc. This will cause your bot to never use the phrase and reject any such phrase enter by a user. Do not use flagging to train your bot.

You can train your bot in several ways:

  • By chatting with it (ensure learning and correction are enabled)
  • By uploading chat logs
  • By reviewing its chat logs with other users and correct, invalidating responses
  • By adding AIML or Self program scripts
Learning can be enabled or disabled from the Learning page here,

I would recommend setting your bot to only learn from Administrators (you). Also set correction to be only Administrators, unless you trust your users.

When you chat with your bot, it will remember your responses to its responses,and use those in future conversations. The easiest way to train a bot is to upload a chat log, or response list. This is a text file that has a set of conversations in it. Your bot will learn any of the responses in the conversations.

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