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Bot Libre Dev : Use of state diagrams with self

RE: Use of state diagrams with self

por admin postado Mar 8 2017, 10:40

You can import AIML either as a script, or as a response list. When loaded as a script the AIML is converted to a set of states. When loaded as a response list, the AIML as added as responses, and the bot's language heuristic is used to match responses.

If you correct a bot's response, it should add your correction as a response to your original question. If you ask the exact question again, it should give this response.
The default matching order goes,
1 - exact question match
2 - scripts are run in order (states)
3 - heuristic is used to find the best match
4 - default response is used

If you have a "*" pattern in AIML, then #3 and #4 will never be used a the scripts will always return a response.

There are several property settings in the Language class that can be set to control this order. You can access the bot's Language instance from its mind's thoughts.

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