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por bleakas postado Sep 29 2017, 2:32

Hello! i tried to implement synonyms to my bot using json and knowledge , but i failed. I didnt find working solution at this forum, so can you please write example how to add synonyms to bot.

by admin posted Sep 29 2017, 8:59
To add a synonym through JSON you would import for example,

{ #data : "angry", instantiation : #word, instantiation : #adjective, synonym : "mad", synonym : "upset" }

However, currently synonyms are not used for response matching words. Synonyms are only used by some scripts, and for whole sentences or single word sentences.

For example,

question: angry
response: Why are you upset?

The bot would use this response if the user said, "mad", but would not use it if the user said "I am mad".

We are planning on adding better support for synonyms, including a user interface for them in the Training page.

For now you can use patterns, such as,

question: Pattern("I am [angry mad upset]")
response: Why are you upset?

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by bleakas posted Oct 8 2017, 10:11

this is top priority function for me. When you plan to add these features?

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by admin posted Oct 8 2017, 13:11
We can add any features your require through our Bot Libre for Business development service.

Contact [email protected]

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