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upload script api

por cliffh postado Jan 13 2020, 10:23

the web api endpoints section suggest that there is a script upload facility ie  /rest/api/up-bot-script

but what parameters does it take, is it post or get?


by admin posted Jan 14 2020, 8:35

This web API changes the precedence of a script (move up/down), it does not upload a new script.

It takes a <script-source> parameter, which should have the bot's id (instance), and the scripts id (id) set,

<script-source application="..." user="..." token="..." instance="1234" id="4567"/>

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by cliffh posted Jan 14 2020, 13:09

ok is there any way to upload a script direct to the bots workspace?



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by admin posted Jan 15 2020, 9:05

You can create a Script object in your Workspace, and upload the source code.





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