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temporarily import information from the web

por bobred postado Feb 13, 6:12

can I import information from a websight into my chatbot then delete that information the next sentence I enter?

by admin posted Feb 19, 16:45
For importing information into your bot see,

In general any unpinned data will eventually be deleted/garbage collected if unreferenced.
To force the deletion of an object call the delete() method in Self. But be careful of deleting objects that may be used elsewhere.

Updated: Feb 19, 16:47
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by bobred posted Feb 19, 18:24

can i get what was previously stored in memory by the time it was stored then delete it?

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by admin posted Feb 21, 13:18
You would need to keep track of the data you load then delete it. There is no easy way to delete all new data, although this is something we are investigating a solutions for.

There is also a Memory class in Self that does support some basic querying API of the entire bot's database.

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by bobred posted Feb 25, 12:33

keep me informed.

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