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Wikitionary Warning

por leeyp98 postado Aug 25, 9:50


Why am I getting this error for my bot?

I am trying to train my bot on my own personal server. I am using the  pre-built docker/docker-compose instance running on my own server to host the local botlibre platform.

2020-08-25 13:44:50.38 - WARNING --

This appears in the error log.

Also, how do I train my bot fast? My bot is quite dumb right now.

Would it be a fast way to create a bot on first, then import the chat log and response list to my local server?


by admin posted Aug 27, 9:54
Seems like your server is not connected to the Internet, or cannot access Wiktionary.

Wiktionary is use to auto import synonyms and word information, but is not required. You can disable Wiktionary in your bot's Learning & Settings.

You can import scripts from Bot Libre's script library to add responses, functions, and knowledge to your bot,

These scripts are also on GitHub,

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by leeyp98 posted Aug 27, 10:29

Dear admin,


Thank you so much for your kind help and reply.


I am using the dockerfile for my BotLibre server. My computer that hosts the dockerfile has internet. Can I ask how to connect the dockerfile to the internet, if that is possible, to access wikitionary? It seems like a useful function.


Thank you for the links to the scripts, I will check them out. 

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by admin posted Aug 28, 15:16
Docker should be able to access the Internet.

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