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conversational chatbot for a real robot.

por pscartozzi postado Dec 22 2020, 2:58

I would like to create the most intelligent conversational bot for a robot that I have that can access this service.I have not been able to get the level of responses that I can from the Pandorabots AIML 1.0 service. What am I doing wrong here?

Looking for any suggestions here.


by admin posted Dec 22 2020, 9:47

Bot Libre supports standard AIML 2. Pandorabots has some AIML extensions that are not supported.

But the ALICE and Rosie AIML scripts work with Bot Libre,



There are bot templates for both of these.

For AIML see,



Bot Libre also supports response lists, Self scripting, and Regular Expressions,





If you are trying to create the "most intelligent conversational bot" I would not recommend AIML, but instead recommend using response lists and Self scripting.

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