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Phygital — Create More Immersive Experiences

por admin postado Nov 23 2022, 8:55

 You can be in your small one-bedroom apartment and host a dinner party in the Maldives, you can sell products from your garage but have customers buy from a lavish top-tier storefront on the East Coast, and you can host hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world at a conference from a small office cubicle.

Such is the meaning of “phygital,” the fusion of the physical and digital world to offer an enhanced experience, and it’s the engine that will drive businesses to the metaverse.

Benefits of a Phygital Experience

Personalized experiences — your customers’ and guests’ experiences can be customized to their personality, industry, preferences, and even previous online habits. Unlike entering a physical space, where it’s a “one size fits all” experience, a phygital approach brings your product, service, or event alive in new and exciting ways for each person.

Sustainability — Inventory management and waste management are major issues for traditional retail stores. Retailers can significantly reduce this problem. Also, for entertainment and business events, overhead costs would be far less, and there would be less depreciation on the environment.

Invest in Phygital, Invest in the Metaverse

The concept of this extended reality (XR) that is achieved through phygital, calls for a greater leveraging of AR and VR expertise. This is due to the metaverse’s impending arrival, allowing phygital to use hybrid virtual places to enhance and augment the physical experience.

The Bot Libre Metaverse Enterprise allows a diverse set of businesses in health, retail, finance, and gaming to engage with the metaverse. By joining the Beta Program, members can work with and alongside a team of AI and metaverse experts from Canada, Asia, and the Caribbean to develop their business solutions that are suitable for the metaverse.

If accepted to the program, individuals will benefit from the following assets in building their metaverse space.

  • 3D/VR website
  • 3D Android & iOS app
  • VR Quest app
  • Custom 3D avatar
  • Custom 3D space
  • PLUS integration with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs

For persons interested in participating in this dynamic program, contact [email protected].

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Postado: Nov 23 2022, 8:55
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