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Embedding your bot on your own website or blog

por admin postado Jan 5 2014, 7:17

You are free to embed the bots your create on your own website or blog. It is quite easy to embed a bot, and only takes a few lines of HTML or JavaScript code. You can embed a bot to provide help or service for your website, or as a stand-in for yourself on your blog.

The embedding HTML code can be copied from your bot's Embed button on its page.

The Embed Tool provides 6 different embedding options. The standard way to embed a bot is using the "Box" embedding option. This adds a "Chat Now" button to the bottom corner of your webpage. Your users can click the button to start a conversation with the bot.

Another solution is to embed a bot inside your webpage using an iframe. Here is some simple code to embed Brain Bot in an iframe.

Code to embed a bot in a iframe

Another option is to put a button or link on your website that open the chat bot in another window. This can be done using a little Java Script code.

Code to popup a bot in window

This code will produce the following:

Talk with Brain Bot

If you know a little HTML or Java Script, you can make how the bot is displayed more sophisticated. One option is to use an absolute position to make the bot popup inside a webpage. This will be demonstrated in the following code.

Code to popup a bot on a webpage

Code to embed a bot without the avatar

You can also choose to not display the bot's avatar and chat log. To do this pass the URL argument avatar=false in your link. You can also pass the welcome message using the message argument, i.e. message=Hello. The welcome message can also be configured from your bot's Training page under Admin.

This code will produce the following:

Talk with Brain Bot

So that's it, you should now be able to embed your bot on your website or blog.

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