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Correct web API usage

por admin postado Dec 8 2014, 18:30

Just a note on how to correctly use the web API.

When you use the web API ensure that you pass your application id. An app id is free, and you can easily get one from your user page. You need to pass your app id on every request.

If you are going to extensively use a bot that does not belong to you, it would be recommended to fork your own clone of the bot for your purpose. Avoid spamming someone else's bot.

The chat API returns a conversation id when you start a conversation. Ensure you pass this id on subsequent messages, otherwise each message will be a different conversation and session. This will consume more resources, hit your message limit sooner, and will not give the bot any context to the conversation, so it will have poor replies.



There have been a few API abuses lately. If you are the one accessing Cindy or Chris, please contact [email protected]

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