Você sabia que o Bot Livre também oferece acesso gratuito hospedado bate-papo ao vivo para seu próprio website ou aplicativo para celular?
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por admin postado Jan 5 2015, 10:40

On OpenPandora and Project Libre.

OpenPandora (on source forge) is the open source version of BOT libre's AI engine. We are currently the main contributor, you're welcome to join the project. BOT libre has its own fork of the project that integrates it into our platforms, and adds a few extensions.

Project Libre (on GitHub) is the open source project for BOT libre's SDK and client interfaces. It include our JavaScript SDK, Android SDK, and Java SDK. We will be adding an iOS (iPhone) SDK, and examples, including customizable single bot Android and iOS apps, and single bot web interface. You are welcome to contribute to this project.

A neuron is a knowledge item. We have considered having a website for a single unlimited, public, shared brain, but have not released anything like this yet. I think it would be a good idea. Currently Brain Bot would be the closest bot to this.

The "Program" page was renamed to "Scripts", I updated the other post, thanks.
I'm not sure what you mean by context information?
You can export any conversations or responses to AIML from the Chat Logs page. Converting scripts to AIML would be very difficult, as Self is a much more functional language than AIML, most Self scripts cannot be written in AIML.

I will look into the Android resume activity issue. It saves your user id in the app settings, so if "My Bots" is empty, it is loosing this, so you would need to relogin.

More content on user pages is something we would like to add.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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