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RE: Create bots with a real brain

por aazxcqwe postado Jan 5 2015, 14:51

Great, many thanks!
Just a quick reply. If the bot can learn enumerations in its Self script, that may be good enough for the time being, as to me general learning functionality trumps specific application methods. Thanks for the example script, did you use a tool (the bot perhaps) to make this so quick?
By context I mean if I say "open the door please" the bot can determine if I mean the front door or the car door base on information I've given it - this is big with Wit.ai, but I think a basic function of language. I've seen some bots use Topic tags for this, but I know aiml has Condition tags. Also fyi, the the Android app is retaining my login information (I don't have to reinput it), it is just losing it for the 'foreground' bot when it goes into the background. By the way, I look into the JavaDocs and Github clone and didn't find the actual function/method for think(), so I can go through the pattern matching and inference steps. Any pointers to where this might be at?

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