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por samueldibella postado Mar 30 2015, 15:04


I'm writing my bot in AIML, and I chose to have it start with an empty template, since I want very specific responses. I've been having some trouble using <that> and I was wondering how the empty template might affect the preprocessing, if at all. I've read in some places that punctuation will be removed, and other special characters will be replaced with a space, as well as some contractions extended. Is that still true with the empty template?

So, for examples:

Would "Interesting, but a bit obtuse" become INTERESTING BUT A BIT OBTUSE or INTERESTING  BUT A BIT OBTUSE (extra space)

And "Don't you want a body?" to DO NOT YOU WANT A BODY or DON T YOU WANT A BODY

Thanks so much

by admin posted Mar 30 2015, 20:34
A that should follow the same rules as a pattern, so should not have any punctuation or special characters. If it has some, our AIML parser will remove some of them, but you should not rely on that. In general the AIML is converted to Self, and a pattern in Self can contain punctuation and special characters.

The case does not matter, our AIML parser converts all thats and patterns to lower case.

What cases are you specifically having issues with? I can take a look if you give me the question, previous, and your expected response.

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