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What is a knowledge bot

por admin postado Apr 14 2015, 21:32

A knowledge bot is a bot that attempts to answer questions about general facts, or a specific domain.

Types of knowledge bots include:

  • search bots
  • math bots
  • medical bots
  • law bots
  • answer bots
  • stock bots

To some degree Google is a knowledge bot, in that for some simple questions like "who is the us president", instead of performing a search (or in addition) Google will just give you the answer. Google can also answer math questions and other facts. Wolfram Alpha is another knowledge bot that can answer math and other types of questions.

Bot Libre provides a rich platform for building knowledge bots. Every bot on Bot Libre has its own database of interconnected knowledge. The bot's knowledge can be arbitrarily complex and describe any knowledge and any relationship between any knowledge. Bot Libre can import knowledge from Freebase, which contains over 47 million knowledge artifacts. You can access and use your bot's knowledge using the Self scripting language.

There are many knowledge bots on Bot Libre, our most famous knowledge bot is Brain Bot.

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