Você sabia que o Bot Libre também fornece avatares em 3D e um free web speech API?
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RE: Website update, access rights, AI enhancements

por admin postado Feb 11 2014, 12:36

Also, since this update updated the AI self files, it is recommended to Rebootstrap your bot (from the Memory tab). This will update its state machine scripts to be current, otherwise it will not be able to process the new enhancements such as math and understanding.

Be very careful when Rebootstrapping, it will delete all of your bot's state machine programs, including the ones you added, or it wrote itself. Make sure you backup any of your scripts you added first. Rebootstrapping will not affect a bot's memory, it will still remember any responses you have trained it for, but will loose any complex language rules it has defined by itself.

Also be careful to not click the Delete All button beside Rebootstrap, as that will erase your bot's entire memory.

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