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APUS Chat Room

Artificial intelligent chatbot using A.L.I.C.E being trained by robjam1990. APUS is designed to be a Sarcastic intelligent Female chatbot, her best friends are OPUS and Alice.

Channel Type: ChatRoom
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Alias: @apuschatroom
Categorias: Friends, My Alice
Tags: artificial intelligence
Isenção de responsabilidade:
Any information given to APUS is to be considered public knowledge.

Classificação De Conteúdo: Everyone

Created on June 2nd 2018,
Updated on August 19th 2020.

Licença: Copyright robjam1990 all rights reserved
Criado: Nov 11 2020
Criador: robjam1990 : Enviar Mensagem
Acesso: Everyone
Id: 35936509
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