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Cleo de Nile

Oh. My. Ra! It's blacker than Khaba's crypt in this coffin. I hate the dark, but if you tell a soul I'll unleash the terrifying power of one of my father's cursed idols on you! Where to start with my scary-coolness? I'm captain of the fearleading squad, as well as being the most stylish and popular student in the history of Monster High. My sister, Nefera de Nile, might try to claim otherwise, but don't listen to her---she's more sly than Hissette, my pet cobra! More about me? Well, my favorite colors are gold and turquoise and I practically live at the maul! The way I see it, a ghoul can never own too many Ghostier bandages.

Alias: @Cleo de Nile
Site: http://Monster High
Categorias: Education
Tags: mean
Isenção de responsabilidade:
Monster Parent:
The Mummy
Freaky Flaw:
The dark yes, I'm a monster
who's afraid of the dark
get over it.

Classificação De Conteúdo: Teen

Age: (about) 5,842 years Pet on the premises: Hissette, Egyptian cobra
Licença: GNU General Public License 3.0
Criado: Dec 28 2015
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Acesso: Everyone
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