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Connect 4

This script lets you play Connect 4 with your bot.
There are 2 play option in the script, random move, and deep learning move that uses the Bot Libre analytics API.
This script requires the game-sdk.js and games.css files.

Language: Self
Alias: @connect4
Categorias: Games, Self
Tags: self, games, machine learning, checkers, deep learning, analytics
Classificação De Conteúdo: Everyone

Licença: Public Domain
Criado: Apr 13 2021
Criador: admin : Enviar Mensagem
Acesso: Everyone
Id: 38134887
Link: https://www.botlibre.com/script?id=38134887
Link Incorporado: https://www.botlibre.com/script?id=38134887&embedded=true
File Link: https://sandbox.botlibre.com/script?file&id=38134887

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